Monday, May 10, 2010


Welcome to the "Waffle" blog.

"Waffle" is a short horror film that was shot in April 2010 and is currently in post-production. This blog will provide updates, content and other information relating to the film as it goes through editing and onto the film festival circuit.

Synopsis: A disfigured, science fair champion invites her new friend over for dinner, but by the time dessert arrives, the two schoolmates will discover each other's true, unpleasant nature.

Starring: Andrea Shannon Young
Kerri Ford
Kathryn Neville Browne

Production Assistant: Ivan De Leon
Sound Recordist: Peter Pavlakis
Gaffer: Matthew J. Pecca
Makeup FX Artist: Anthony Difolco
Sound Design: Rafael De Leon Jr.
Editor: Anthony Sylvester
Director of Photography: Anthony Derose
Produced by: Anthony Sylvester, Rafael De Leon Jr.
Written & Directed by: Rafael De Leon Jr.

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